SABANA, Doctor style handmade artisan bag, caña flecha

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Details and Care
It is important to not put too much weight into the bag. We must respect its capacity. Otherwise, the material in our purse or bag can become prematurely undone and the strips can be stretched or deformed. Because it is an organic product, special care must be taken:
  • Keep in a dry place
  • Do not bathe with them
  • Do not fold
  • Clean with a dry cloth
  • Remember to protect your bag when it rains since the colors used to dye the caña flecha fibers come from flowers. This means that contact with rain can cause them to change color.
  • This bag is made with materials that come from nature and it was 100% handmade by Colombian artisans. The material used is caña flecha that comes from the Gynerium sagitatum plant in the native Zenú population lives. Fine fibers are taken from this plant to make the fabric used to craft this bag. This bag is 100% handwoven. Córdoba region, where the The dyeing process that gives the bags various colors is done using natural plants.





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