Aramacao is an online trading company created in 2015 whose goal is to publicize the talent of Colombian artisans.

Our mission is to show European women our purely handmade and colorful products, which highlight the beauty, sensuality and femininity of women by integrating our accessories in the daily outfit.

Our products are 100% artisanal and hand-made in ethnic communities from all regions of Colombia.

Colombian artisans preserve their ancient traditions in the development of accessories and Add-ons.

In the manufacture of our products, the artisans use natural materials such as cotton, jute, bamboo, cane fiber arrows, iraca palm fibers, coconut,

wood, tangerine peels, seeds, stones.

In manufacturing, our products are treated with natural dyes from flowers to color the bags, hats, necklaces, wooden bracelets, fibers, belts and shoes.

Aramacao believes in the talent of the artisans and we have a passion for showing our customers that complementing their outfits with our accessories will make them feel much more beautiful and will enhance their outfits.

Aramacao has come to Europe to share the wonders given to us by nature to complement our fashion.