How to return a product

Aramacao hopes you like everything you buy in our store and that you are very happy with your purchase.
If you have any dissatisfaction with the product that you purchased, you can return it within 14 business days.

When you want to return an item, you must fill in the return form.  Once completed, go to the post office and send us the product with a copy of the form inside the package and another copy pasted onto the outside of the package.

The item being returned must be in optimal condition and with the respective labels.

When you return your product, please pack it in the original packaging and do not remove the tags.

If the item has any damage caused by the customer or is in poor condition, Aramacao reserves the right to refuse to refund the money.

Aramacao is not responsible for the shipping charges at the time of the return.  The customer must pay the corresponding shipping costs to return the product.

What is the process for returning an item?

To return an item, follow these steps:

  1. Place the items in the original package with their respective labels.
  2. Go to “my account” and fill in the respective form for returns.
  3. Print the return form, and paste the address of Aramacao onto the package and leave a COPY on the inside of the package.
  4. Go to your nearest post office and send us the product.
    It is important that you keep a copy of the receipt so that you can track the shipment.
  1. How much for returning the item ?
    Sorry, Aramacao is not responsible for the shipping costs of our products.

How and when will I receive my refund?

Once we receive your return request, we will send you a confirmation email and will refund you the money immediately.

You will receive the amount using the same form of payment that you used in your purchase. Refunds can take up to 15 business days to process, depending on the time provided by your banking institution, for example:

  1. If you paid by credit card (for credit card payments), the respective credit card account will be refunded.
  2. If the payment is made through PayPal, you will receive a refund to your PayPal account.


Keep in mind that even if you return the order, the shipping costs must be paid by the customer and are non-refundable by Aramacao.

How can I make a claim?

Aramacao offers our customers the best quality in our handcrafted products, however in the event that you receive damaged or defective items, you can make a claim, in order to be able to process your request.

To help you to resolve your claim, you must send us a description about the damage or defect of the item by email and our Aramacao Customer Service Team will contact you in just a few days to explain the process.

Aramacao does not accept claims in the following cases:

  1. Product damage due to wear from everyday use
  2. Deterioration of the product due to misuse
  3. Damage due to improper care or incorrect use of product
  4. Stains caused by customer
  5. Damage caused by external factors